We offer Step 2 CS tutoring in Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles!

Traveling to the United States, the city of Philadelphia, or any of our other course cities, may or may not be a new experience for you. Regardless, CSE Review realizes that the main objective of your journey is to prepare for, and ultimately pass, the Step 2 CS (CSE) exam.


With this in mind, CSE Review has made accommodations available to all CSE Review Course participants – at substantial cost savings!

A CSE Review Representative can pick you up at the airport and take you to our CSE Review Tutoring and Accommodation Center, which is where all the classes are held.

Room reservations are available at the Tutoring and Accommodation Center on a limited basis, so reserve your room as soon as you know your dates. This is a preferred choice for our doctors based upon convenience, and the great price!

Tutoring & Accommodation Center

Creating a productive and comfortable environment for you is important to Dr. Sermarini. Therefore, in an effort to minimize wasted time, all CSE (Step 2 CS) classes and private instruction will take place at the Tutoring and Accommodation Center. In effect, aside from side trips to the grocery store and restaurants, everything you will need will be right at the Tutoring Center.

Your accommodations will be arranged from “A to Z”! You will even have Doctor Sermarini’s personal telephone number, should you need assistance at any time during your stay.