About Us

DSCF1964Clinical Skills Examination (CSE) classes are presented by CSE Review founder, Mark R.M. Sermarini, M.D. Dr. Sermarini was born and raised in Philadelphia, and has also earned an unrestricted license to practice medicine in Europe.Multi-lingual and well traveled, Dr. Sermarini has successfully completed elective rotations in both the United States and Europe, including at the renowned Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in downtown Philadelphia.

Dr Sermarini received the Union League Good Citizenship Award from 1999 to 2018 for his teaching excellence

In Leipzig, Germany, Dr. Sermarini spent several months at the University of Leipzig Hospital working in the Department of Endocrinology where he worked closely with Diabetic patients.Once back in the United States, Dr. Sermarini put his experience of being a doctor in a foreign land to use, serving as advisor for a major medical preparatory center. While working in this capacity, Dr. Sermarini not only analyzed the needs of student doctors, but also developed, implemented and monitored individualized study plans for them as well.

Dr. Sermarini created his innovative CSE course over thirteen years ago and has had remarkable success with his proven methods. Foreign medical doctors, represented from fifty two different countries, have benefited from this personalized course, resulting in a 95% success rate.

Testimonials from CSE Review course takers reveal that as student doctors, they prefer Dr. Sermarini’s methods over that of other commercial review courses. The reasons most given for satisfaction with the course are directly related to Dr. Sermarini himself. His medical knowledge, his innate ability to play the role of the standardized patient, and the personal attention that he gives to each doctor has proven to be the key to his students’ success. All this is given at substantial savings of competitor courses!

Dr. Sermarini has devoted his life to helping others and has received the prestigious Union League Citizenship Award from the city of Philadelphia from 1999 through 2018 for his teaching excellence. Dr. Sermarini also received citizenship awards in medical school for academics and athletics, as well as a Dean’s Award for outstanding scholarship. Volunteering and working in hospitals since high school, Dr. Sermarini has gained a superior grasp on the communication skills required in order to conduct a proper interview with a patient. This course is the culmination of many years of experience and Dr. Sermarini feels he has put together the right package to help any aspiring doctor pass the CSE exam.